Who Really is Apex Shrine?

Hello babies!

Before we get too far into things, we here at Apex Shrine would like to verbalize our collective excitement about finally being present in blog form. We shall now provide you with an appropriate exclamatory:

Hell, yeah.

Now that that’s out of the way, a little bit about ourselves and what we have been working on for those who might be unfamiliar:

We are a band. We play psychedelic blues-rock (space hippie blues). We are from St. Louis, Missouri, and we practice and record in a basement on the corner of Apex and Tahiti in Crestwood.

The basement is our shrine, and all things we do musically are born from the shrine.

I am Jack Eschmann, and my brother is Dan Eschmann. We are the guitarists, vocalists, and primary songwriters of the group. Danny is my musical companion, and his job is to tell me when things get too cheesy. Together, we have around a decade’s worth of experience writing original music and performing in the St. Louis area.

Playing the bass for us is our good friend Brandon Pesek (The big guy with the big beard). He bought a bass and started jamming with us a couple of years ago, with no prior training or experience. He has quickly become a valuable asset to our dynamic as a group, and he brings some steady thunder, I tell you what. He may as well just move in with us already, he spends so much time at our house.

Finally, we have Nathan Wilson (or Crazy Willy) on the drums. First of all, I must say I have never seen such a massive amount of commitment and dedication from a drummer. The improvement and passion he has shown in his drumming has driven the band to be more well-rounded and productive than ever before. We call him Crazy Willy because he’s been acting as our engineer for a great deal of the recording process, and he hates to sit still for too long.

Luckily, a lot of our collective hard work is about to show itself. Our first complete album as a band, Home Baked, is in the final stages of mixing and mastering. We are not on a record label, have no production company behind us, and have completed every part of the process ourselves. This is good fun because we have complete creative freedom, and we have collected some nice gear to play with. We hope Home Baked will give our listeners a feeling of raw freedom. We hope that you just kind of know who we are, and maybe find out a little bit more about who you are, when you listen to it.

I mean, it’s nothing terribly new; people have been doing rock for sixty years now! We’re just trying to do our thing in a modern world where listeners are buried in Soundcloud files and Pitchfork reviews, and very few people are “original” anymore.

If there is one thing we have learned so far as a band, though, it’s that the only way to be “original” is to be true to yourself, and let whatever wants to come out of you just come out. I mean, the blues is never really going to die.

With that, here is the first release off of the debut album, with Danny snarling from the depths of his soul in a number entitled “All For You.”

Please do enjoy, and we’ll see you next time Inside the Shrine.






One thought on “Who Really is Apex Shrine?

  1. Hi to all Apex Shrine, (esp ‘Crazy Willy’), I am Tom Leogue (Jaz’s Dad) here in England. Enjoyed the album, the cd is always playing in my vehicle, keep up the good work, make that it happen………..
    I look forward to meeting you all sometime….TomL


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