Old Gear, New Gear, What Gives?

We here at Apex Shrine know the importance of respecting the classics. This doesn’t only apply to the music we listen to, it applies to the type of equipment we buy. For example, my┬ábaby (Jack writing) is a Fender Deluxe Reverb that was built in 1972, and lightly modified somewhere along the line to copy […]

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Dad Rock: It’s What’s In!

It’s amazing that vinyl is cool again, isn’t it? Our dad has a ton of great records and homemade mix cassettes, and Danny and I used to sit in the basement right in front of the his wood-cabineted drivers and take in all the richness and texture– sounds we soon became enamored with and identified […]

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Who Really is Apex Shrine?

Hello babies! Before we get too far into things, we here at Apex Shrine would like to verbalize our collective excitement about finally being present in blog form. We shall now provide you with an appropriate exclamatory: Hell, yeah. Now that that’s out of the way, a little bit about ourselves and what we have […]

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